Photoshop Tutorial: How Change background in Photoshop?

In this tutorial we learn how to change background in photoshop of image and get unbelievable results. For changing background of any picture open your Photoshop. ThenOpen picture that you want to change by clicking on top left File button.Choose image from PC. We choose now this image.Double click on background layer to create a layer of current background then a popup option show. Give the name of layer. Select Quick Selection tool (Keyboard shortcut … [Read more...]

3D printing soft legs can help a robot walk across rocky and rough terrain

Bunch of engineers present nigh to university of California San Diego have practiced some simple rules. Which were more likely to the biological things of soft robotic objects so that they may reduce a robot having eligibility to run over odd tracks like hard rocks and sand.The sleek and flexible substances imply that robot's all four legs are completely free to judge what is going on around there. Hence, it is an on-board sensor and in that case, we do not need any point … [Read more...]

Apple Watch can detect abnormal Heart Rhythm with 97% Accuracy

Confirmed by a research brought up through heartbeat delineation app electro Cardiogram and the university of California, San Francisco apple watch is the better choice to get exact of 97% abnormal heart flux when while being connected with Al-based algorithm. This research owes 6,158 members renewed by this app on Apple watch. Most of these candidates in this university of California, San Francisco has found with normal EKG (East Kent Goldings) readings. … [Read more...]

Best programming languages for web development

There are five (5) best programming languages for web development. Today mostly web applications have created using these best programming languages. You must choose one of these languages for become a good web developer. C#, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript and Visual BASIC are five best programming languages for web development. C# C sharp is the .NET framework language. Basically, Microsoft developed C Sharp modern language. C sharp syntax similar to JAVA, C and C++ object oriented … [Read more...]