Best programming languages for web development

There are five (5) best programming languages for web development. Today mostly web applications have created using these best programming languages. You must choose one of these languages for become a good web developer. C#, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript and Visual BASIC are five best programming languages for web development.


C sharp is the .NET framework language. Basically, Microsoft developed C Sharp modern language. C sharp syntax similar to JAVA, C and C++ object oriented language. Visual Studio is use for writing C Sharp code. C# (C sharp) is commonly use for web development.


JAVA is one of the best programming language for web development. Web application are creating using JAVA object oriented language. JAVA is stronge language for Android, web applications and desktop applications.


PHP (Hypertext processor) is the open source language. Any developer can use this language. There is no license required for this language. PHP is commonly use for creating web pages. You can say that PHP is web development scripting language. PHP code has written in PHP tags. Like:


code write here



This is scripting language in which scripts have created. JavaScript has related to JAVA programming language. Online applications and web pages have mostly created in this scripting language. Syntax of JavaScript has written using Script tags. Like:


Visual Basic

Visual basic is the one of the high-level programming languages. It is use for creating web programs, web applications. Visual BASIC (BASIC stands for Beginner’s ALL Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is also use for creating Windows applications.

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