What is metaphors? how to use software metaphors?

Software metaphors tell how to look for the problems not to find the solution. Define metaphors: Metaphor is used to make comparison between two things we can say that metaphor is comparison of two people. The metaphors are very scatter in programming. So we can define metaphors “A figure of speech containing an oblique comparison”. How to use software metaphors ? People use the metaphors to explain or to understand something better. Metaphors in software development are … [Read more...]

The XP Life Cycle

The XP life cycle includes all the generic life cycle phases. The XP life cycle compresses the middle 3 phases code, design and test into a single implementation phase. After implementation a productizing phase is add to permit the code to be stabilized before deploy. XP life cycle shows how producing code is the methodology centrepiece. Exploration: When the customer is confident that the programmers are confident that they cannot estimate any better without actually … [Read more...]

Scrum methodology

Scrum is the second methodology of agile. The word scrum, the agile methodology derives from “rugby” where it’s mean restarting play after a rules infraction.  Idea in agile The Scrum methodology is that a small team is unified around a single one goal. The idea in the agile Scrum-Methodology is that a small team is unified around a single goal and gets together for sprints of development that move them towards that goal.In fact, Scrum mathodology is older than XP, with … [Read more...]

The Four Variables , eXtreme Programming

The four variables of software development projects in eXtreme Programming. The four variables of software development controlling by XP seeks to minimize risk which are: Cost Cost is probably the most constrain. You cannot spent your way to schedule or quality and you have very limited control over cost as a developer. Also Cost is where Brook’s law gets invoked. Time Usually, Time is unfortunately imposed on you form the outside and is your delivery schedule. For … [Read more...]