Photoshop Tutorial: How Change background in Photoshop?

In this tutorial we learn how to change background in photoshop of image and get unbelievable results.

For changing background of any picture open your Photoshop. Then

  • Open picture that you want to change by clicking on top left File button.

Change background in photoshop

Choose image from PC. We choose now this image.Change background in photoshop

  • Double click on background layer to create a layer of current background then a popup option show. Give the name of layer.
  • Select Quick Selection tool (Keyboard shortcut of Quick selection tool is W) from left toolbar.Change background in photoshop
  • After select Quick selection tool a properties toolbar show on top. The size of this tool increase or decrease for background selection + tool select for select area and – tool for deselection. After select quick selection tool drag on the background of image and move tool the background selected after removing the tool. The whole background area selected show in below picture.

Change background in photoshop

Remove Background :

Now time to remove background and the scene behind picture change amazingly

  • After selecting background go the top toolbar click on Edit button then Cut the background.

Change background in photoshop

Then transparent or white background show.

Change background in photoshop

Change Background :

After removing background of image, now time to change background and make more attractive and unbelievable results.

The Size of image and size of background are same in width or height.

Size of picture is 1800×1199 px

Size of background is 1800×1620 px

  • If size is larger or smaller then adjust the size. Click on image button top toolbar then select image size and make changing.

Now Go top left file button again and choose the background for your image. Background image open then same procedure perform double click on current background to create layer and rename the layer.

Change background in photoshop

  • Select Move tool (ShortCut of move tool is V).Change background in photoshop
  • Hold the background image and drag to the picture where background change and drop it.Move background layer below the pic layer shown below.Change background in photoshop
  •  After moving this result shown.

Change background in photoshop

The image is ready but not look the real picture so some more changing.

  • Select the Eraser Tool (keyboard shorcut is E) from left toolbar. The properties of Eraser toolbar show on the top. Increase or decrease size of Eraser toolbar. Then select Eraser that is suitable.

Change background in photoshop

  • Select the layer 1 and Move the Eraser tool at corners of picture and Zoom in (ctrl +) and remove the lightly from corners.

Change background in photoshop


This is the final result of picture after removing the background.

Change background in photoshop


Thanks for reading. Please share this how to change background in photoshop to others.

If you have any question about this then comment below. I will give answer of your question fast.