What is software construction?

Software construction is software engineering rule. In fact Software development can be complex process. Researchers have identified numerous well – defined activities in the last twenty – five (25) years that include in developing computer software. Software-construction contain:

  • Problem definition:
  • Construction planning:
  • Requirement development:
  • Detailed design:
  • High – level design/ software architecture:
  • Unit testing:
  • System Testing:
  • Integration testing:
  • Integration:
  • Maintenance:

Actually, construction suffers from a lack of perspective. In fact, According to given picture, construction place related to other software development activities.

software construction

From here on, greenish circle, triangular shape activities are construction activities. Ultimatly, coding and debugging is the main part of construction but construction also include some integration testing, unit testing, system testing, construction planning, detailed design, integration, maintenance, requirement development and software architecture.

Sometimes the software-construction also called “coding or programming”. Coding implies mechanical translation of a pre – existing design into computer language (programming language) so it is not really best word for construction. Furthermore, Construction is not involves in judgement and substantial creativity and is not mechanical.

Flat earth view of software construction given below:

software construction

In addition it show that software construction focus on coding and debugging, detailed design and unit testing.

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