Why software construction is important?

 Software construction importance discuss below in following steps. Construction is a large part of software development: Construction takes 30 to 80 % time spent on any project depending on the project size. So construction is a large part in developing the software. For success of project more time is bound that affects the success. Construction is the central activity in software development: Construction has done after the requirements and architecture phase of the … [Read more...]

What is software construction?

Software construction is software engineering rule. In fact Software development can be complex process. Researchers have identified numerous well – defined activities in the last twenty – five (25) years that include in developing computer software. Software-construction contain:Problem definition: Construction planning: Requirement development: Detailed design: High – level design/ software architecture: Unit testing: System Testing: Integration … [Read more...]

What is Construction ?

What you think about when you listen the word “ construction ”  ?  While thesoftware construction is software engineering decipline.You will think about something is “making” or something is “building”, “manufacture”, “creation”, “establishment” of something, “fabrication” of something. Other meanings of this word are putting up, raising and setting up of something." C0nstruction" is a work which done by the constructions workers. For Example, when they build a … [Read more...]