How to develop a software? Steps of software development

In spite of the fact that, software development is only part of software engineering, software development is the heart of every software project. Steps of software development are following. Steps of software development A small, well integrated team: Small teams have fewer lines of communication than larger ones. It is easier to get to know your teammates on a small team. You can get to know your teammates, weaknesses and strengths. Well-integrated teams have usually … [Read more...]

What is Software Development process?

Definition of software development process: "Software development process is the process of taking a set of requirements from a user ( a problem statement ), solution designing  to the problem, analysing them. And then, implementing that solution on a computer." It is not just like programming part. Programming is just the implementation part or the design and implementation part of software development. Also, Programming is central part of software development and it is … [Read more...]